Sensitive Data, Social Media, Comms, Operational Technology and IT are vulnerable to Cyber-attack.
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The navigation, communications and control systems of jets are vulnerable to Cyber-attack with potential catastrophic results.


Luxury cars contain an array of microprocessors which can be hacked to allow remote control of the vehicle and its systems.

IT & Social Media

Internet, social media and mobile phone use of Family, Friends and Business Contacts must be protected from hackers.


Financial Services

Denial of Service Cyber-attacks can shut down operations and lead to loss or compromise of data.

The Business Enterprise

All forms of business are vulnerable to Cyber-attack through their internet connected systems and communications.


Industrial control systems including SCADA process control software are vulnerable to Cyber-attack.


The building and its business networks can be hacked into through microprocessors in the Building Management System.



Sensitive Data, Social Media, Comms, Operational Technology and IT are vulnerable to Cyber-attack. Click here to find out more.

Cruise Ships

Cruise ships are a huge target for Cyber-attacks and ship owners are financially liable for the damages. SHIPGUARD blackbox protects OT, IT, Social Media.

Offshore Platforms

Industrial Control Systems on Oil Platforms can be subjected to Cyber-attack with catastrophic results. Click here to find out more


Cargo handling systems and terminal operation systems are highly vulnerable to Cyber-attack.



Transport systems are increasingly managed by computer networks and control technologies which increase the vulnerability to Cyber-attack.

Power Generation

Power plants use digital and analog systems to monitor, operate, control the plants and all require protection from the many Cyber threats.

Water Supply

SCADA systems, PLCs, RTUs help water and wastewater utilities maximize resources but are vulnerable to Cyber-attack.


Airline and airport websites, online check-in, immigration controls, baggage control, wi-fi networks are all at risk from Cyber-attack.

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